Sunday, July 31, 2011

Washington Times Hosts RF Conference

Faith Groups and US Government Leaders Unite to "Stop Religious Persecution Now!"

By Dan Fefferman

"Stop Religious Persecution Now!" was the theme for a one-day conference co-sponsored by the International Coalition for Religious Freedom at The Washington Times July 13. Religious leaders, human rights activists, government officials and media experts joined together for the event, which featured reports on religious persecution by representatives of 12 faith communities, ranging from Christians in Islamic lands to Muslims in China, Sikhs in the US and new religious groups in Europe.

The purpose of the event was to press the US government to increase its attention on religious freedom issues through such actions as holding hearings on Capitol Hill and putting diplomatic pressure on nations that fail to uphold international standards. An afternoon session focused on informing religious groups and non-governmental organizations how to effectively spread their messages through traditional media outlets and the new social media.

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